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No matter the mess, no matter the job, Performance Plus Can Liners offer an effective solution for any situation.

Made of high quality resins, these innovative and technologically advanced liners are available in both high and linear density polyethylene, offering maximum performance, plus value for even the dirtiest of jobs. With a large variety of sizes, Performance Plus has a can liner to fit your needs!

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Quality Can liners and garbage bags Tough garbage bags that make cleanup easy


Resin: The basic raw material used in can liner manufacturing. The two basic types most commonly used are High Density and Linear Density, each with their own unique advantages:


Linear Density Advantages:

  • Superior stretch properties minimize punctures and tearing.
  • An excellent choice for waste with sharp or jagged edges.
  • Great multi-purpose liner material.

High Density Advantages:

  • Up to 3x stronger and half the weight of Linear Density.
  • An economical choice for heavy, soft, wet refuse.
  • Superior vapor and moisture protection allows for USDA and FDA approval for food use.
  • Require smaller, lighter cases, which lower freight, storage and warehousing costs.
  • More temperature resistant than Linear Density (-40 degrees to +212 degrees Fahrenheit)

Gauge: The measure of a can liner’s thickness. Usually expressed in mils or microns.

Mil: A thousandth of an inch. Linear-density can liners range from .30 to 2.0 mils. Convert a mil to a micron by multiplying by 25.4.

Micron: One millionth of a meter. High-density can liners can range from 6 to 24 microns. Convert a micron to a mil by dividing by 25.4.

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