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Mop design and yarn material have a big impact on how a particular mop will perform. Knowing the applications for each type of mop will ensure that you keep your cleaning staff working at their full potential. Mops should be conditioned before first use. Cotton mops should always be broken in initially with a warm water pre-soak to remove lint, oil, & manufacturing treatments.

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Mops & Brooms Quick Reference Guide:


Cotton Mops:

  • Great for Spills & Damp Mopping
  • Cotton holds moisture very effectively and makes an excellent choice for cleaning up spills and floor-drying applications.
  • Not recommended for use floor-finishing applications.

Rayon Mops:

  • Superior for Floor Finish Applications
  • Unlike cotton, rayon fiber contains no foreign material that can become trapped in floor surfaces.
  • Rayon mops are perfect for putting down floor finishes.

Blended Mops:

  • Ideal for Everyday Floor Cleaning
  • Blended yarn combines some of the best characteristics of both cotton and rayon mops.
  • They offer good water retention and strength.

Cut-End Mops:

  • Most Cost Effective
  • The biggest advantage of cut-end mops is low initial cost.
  • However, these mops tend to leave lint and other debris, which can increase cleaning times due to gaps in coverage.

Looped-End Mops:

  • Longer Lasting
  • Looped-end mops cost more than cut-end mops, but can quickly pay for themselves.
  • This is because looped-end mops perform better and last longer.
  • These mops are constructed with continuous strands of yarn, resulting in better water retention and cleaning efficiency.

Corn Brooms:

  • Corn Brooms are either 100% corn or blended corn fiber
  • Both styles are highly durable as well as effective in removing a variety of debris in multiple applications, indoor as well as outside walkways.

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