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Performance Plus brooms offer both value & performance; Corn Brooms are manufactured in two styles using all corn or blended corn /yucca. Blended brooms offer value and are ideal for sweeping hard surfaces. Synthetic bristle materials are an alternative to natural fiber; primarily in smaller lightweight lobby brooms.

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Performance Plus Brooms
 Item # Description Description Case Weight Dimensions
P33034 #35 Warehouse Broom Blended 42" X 1-18" Clear Handle 6 / cs 18 56.5x10.5x4.5
P33134 #28 Warehouse Broom Blended Corn 42" X 1 1/8" Black Handle 6 / cs 14 55.5x10.5x3.4
P36003 Toy Broom All Corn Mtl Ban 24" X 13/16" Handle 12 / cs 7 35x10.5x2.8
P36960-EA Black Plastic Lobby Broom Poly 3 Stitch 30" X 13/16" Handle 1 / EA 8 37.5x10.5x2

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